made by hand: hey there doormat

Well hey there! Get it? :) This weekend I did a little project. We are looking for easy affordable ways to warm up our apartment. I can’t even remember what image inspired me, but this spray-painted greeting mat has been in my head for quite a while. I love how unconventional it is when people come to our door. Just an easy icebreaker if you know what I mean. It seriously makes me so happy when we come home to our front door, I feel like we are best friends.

We purchased our doormat at IKEA. We decided to cut ours down a few inches with a utility blade on the back. I designed and printed the template below (which you can download for free), cut out the letters with an exacto knife and a ruler, covered the entire mat with extra paper, and sprayed away! It took several coats of spray paint to get a clear black line. Also, make sure to spray directly downwards to avoid praying under the stencil. Ta Da! Your very own personalized welcome mat. You could even get creative and come up with your own doormat greeting. The options are endless.


Blank Doormat
Black Matte Spray Paint
Greeting Template
Exacto Knife
Cutting Mat




  1. kayley says:

    What a fun idea!

    1. Stephanie McCabe says:

      Thanks Kayley!

  2. Terese says:

    Love the idea! :)

    1. Stephanie McCabe says:

      Thank you!

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