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The holidays are getting closer! We’re getting ready ahead of time this year. I’m sure as hard as we try to prepare, there will always be something that doesn’t get done, but we’re trying our best! We have been collecting a few little things to put together our thanksgiving tablescape. We are so thrilled with how it turned out. Use some of these ideas to make your thanksgiving dinner one to remember. And here’s a little secret.. you don’t have to break the bank in order to throw a party!


Griffin’s mom purchased this cutlery and plate set when she was working and going to school over thirty years ago. We were so excited when we found it! Little did she know, gold and white with a little texture is everything but outdated. It worked so perfectly with what we had in our minds for the design. We love the femininity and touch of texture the wavy edges of the plate ware brought. The thin gold trim was just the icing on the cake! The gold charger underneath really grounds the set and gives it visual depth. It’s always a good idea to have layers when setting the table, especially for a meal like Thanksgiving dinner. No one leaves hungry.


We chose to include the feathers for the sake of a little Thanksgiving touch. Whether you imagine it’s from the turkey or the indian’s headband, it definitely brings the story of Thanksgiving into play. In fact, now that we’re thinking about it, we should just make our own headbands after the meal and do a little role-play. ;)


On to the menu card. We designed these custom menus ourselves and wanted to feature the sophistication they bring to the table. (Did you catch that funny?) I’ve really enjoyed diving into the world of calligraphy and design created by my own two hands rather than from a mouse and a computer screen. It brings such a warm and personal feel to the graphic. We contrasted these heavily with the white dishes behind to visually finalize the set and tie in several other darker elements. However, if you were planning on going all white this year.. march on.. we;re also fans of white on white.



For the centerpiece, we found some festive greenery from.. you guessed it.. the yard. By the time Thanksgiving hits you might just have to go with fake, but the evergreens we selected work perfectly year-round. Incorporating a few fresh herbs can really elevate the mood of the meal as long as they coincide with your meal plan. But who doesn’t love the smell of fresh herbs? We re-used our diy name-card stumps from Griffin’s 25th birthday dinner party (check it our here) as candle holders instead. We stacked them at to give variety to the candle-height.

And the bottle bags. One of our favorite touches! From Restoration Hardware, these little faux fur beauties are very inexpensive. They are perfect for all of your holiday needs this year, if you’re into the fur kind of thing. Just a touch isn’t gaggy, promise.

Thanksgiving Table Blog Post


Seriously. Paying attention to the small things really completes a space or a design. And they’re usually my favorite parts. The pine cone name holders were a nice way to repeat the calligraphy aesthetic. We love their rustic little charm. We will post a tutorial very soon with some printables.

And now.. the napkins. We loved Restoration Hardware’s linen but re-created our own linen napkins. We will also post a napkin-making tutorial that anyone.. I mean anyone.. can pull off. The embroidery stitch we chose really elevated them from a diy to a table worthy detail. Also try placing your napkins in a new way this year. We chose to showcase the stiching by folding them in thirds and letting them hang from between the charger and the bottom plate. And how much did this cost us?? $6.00 for 8. You heard me. Six bucks. It can be done.



And that’s about it for today. We’re so excited for Thanksgiving to roll around the corner, and we hope you are too! What are you doing for your Thanksgiving dinner this year? We’d love to hear from you!

Luxe Faux Fur Wine Bag: Restoration Hardware
Handmade Table Linens: Similar Style [RH]
Gold Charger: Similar Style [Hobby Lobby]
Gold Flatware: Similar Style [West Elm]



  1. Kayley says:

    Alright, I am dying here. This is AMAZING! I love every little bit if it. And that table?! I love almost as much as Dev. My only question is: who climbed up on the roof?

    1. Stephanie McCabe says:

      More like leaned out of the window from the second floor. :) And thank you soo much! We’ll have to see, once we stain it.. Dev might take second place. ;) Thanks for sharing on facebook!

  2. This is the cutest Thanksgiving table I’ve seen! Seriously amazing!

    1. Stephanie McCabe says:

      Thank you so much Chelsea! I love your blog as well! I’m excited to follow. :)

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